Matjaz Chvatal

They say that a man has to build a house, plant a tree and write a book in his life.

The house is built, the tree has grown, the book is published, and new horizons are opening themselves in front of me…

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Catamaran ARIKI
Matjaž Chvatal

Small Sailor

From the early childhood, I was crazy about boats. I was boating in Bohinj Lake in my first boat, at the first independent voyage. I

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Matjaž Chvatal

The Ruins Of The Castle Slemenice

Three years ago I started looking for castle Slemenice. I found all the castles in the vicinity of Muljava, all the ruins and even those, of which there was nothing left. But … there was no Slemenica among them.

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Matjaž Chvatal

Gregor’s fair on Happy Mountain

The most interesting thing is the armory, as visitors can put their hands and even test medieval weapons and wear real knightly armor. The most courageous and hot-blooded ones also challenge each other in real battles … To the first blood …

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