Gorenjska The Guidebook

Gorenjska The Guidebook


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Gorenjska – The book does not only present the natural beauties of Gorenjska, but everything that characterizes and distinguishes it from Bavaria, Tyrol, Austrian Carinthia and elsewhere. Each of the 27 municipalities of Gorenjska is covered in a separate chapter, presenting the history of the place, its sights and other information in detail through text and photographs.


The publication of this guidebook in 7 languages (Slovene, English, German, Italian, Russian, French and Spanish) makes up for the numerous language deficiencies in other promotional material, especially for the municipalities where tourism is not that well developed but which have great tourist potential nevertheless.

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Angleščina, Nemščina, Italijanščina, Francoščina, Španščina, Ruščina, Slovenščina

Weight 0.556 kg
Dimensions 1.8 × 12 × 22.5 cm
Authors Matjaz Chvatal, Petra Vencelj
Fotografija Matjaz Chvatal and Petra Vencelj;
Individual photos contributed: Robi Kusić, France Urbanija,
Igor Pustovrh, Mira Chvatal,, Samo Paušer, Matej Slabe, Dario Cortese,
Peter Vukotič, Klemen Klinar, Ana Vencelj in Matjaž Šifrer
Maps Kartografija
Technical Data 312 Pages, 1920 Photos, 40 Maps, Hardcover
Edited and Designed Matjaž Chvatal
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